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   Kenya - Mombasa

Hand Pumps


This project is a project of Serving Hands International

Existing wells located at various villages in the South and North Coast of Mombasa.

Overview: Over the years Rotary has managed to dig 30 Water wells in the South and North Coast and other areas. Water continues to be a problem in most areas and the villagers only source of water is from a well or stream near by. Recently, some of the wells were inspected and were found to be serving the villagers well, except they had to work hard to draw the water with the rope and pulley system.

Proposal: To install hand pumps to 22 existing and new wells.

Presently water is drawn by a pulley and rope system. The hand pump would increase the quantity of water drawn, thus serving more people living in the area. The present rope and pulley is difficult to use, time consuming and impractical.

The Afridev hand pump is a proven hand pump used all over the world which works well and requires low maintenance. The pump would benefit a larger population; provide easier access to water, hygienic and safe, especially to children who usually tend to be around while the women draw the water.

Scope: A contractor would be appointed to carry out the necessary installation work.

He will also provide services for cleaning and preparing the well to a standard necessary to install the Pump.

The estimated cost for installing a Hand Pump is as follows:

Cost of Hand Pump: Kshs. 45,000

Installation of Hand pump: Kshs. 30,000

Materials for civil works: Kshs. 40,000

Service existing well: Kshs. 24,000

Total estimate per well: Kshs. 139,000

The total cost of the project would be Ksh. 3,060,000/- ($45,000). This would facilitate installation of 22 hand pumps. We intend to complete the project within 12 months.

Primary Host Partner in the Project Country

Club: Mombasa

District: 9200

Primary Contact: Musti Mamujee


Check all projects from: [District 9200] [Mombasa Rotary Club] [Musti Mamujee]

Primary International Partner Outside the Project Country

Club: Torrey Pines (La Jolla)

District: 5340

Primary Contact: Philippe Lamoise


Check all projects from: [District 5340] [Torrey Pines (La Jolla) Rotary Club] [Philippe Lamoise]

Proposed Financing

Primary Host Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Mombasa


District 9200 DDF


Primary International Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Torrey Pines (La Jolla)


District 5340 DDF


Amount requested from the Rotary Foundation




Status and Progress Information


This project is completed. Project listed for the 2006-07 Rotary Year.

The Matching Grant application number from TRF is #62658.

The TRF Staff in charge of this grant is Mary Howard (

<26-Aug-06> System Entry
Creation of project page.

<17-Jan-07> by Musti Mamujee
Form has been completed but signature forms will be sent by separate email.

<14-Mar-07> System Entry
Grant paperwork sent to The Rotary Foundation.

<16-Apr-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Received email from TRF Staff Mary Howard asking about the exchange rate and clarifications on some budget items.

<29-Apr-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Musti Mamujee responded to TRF request by email.

<12-Jun-07> System Entry
Grant approved by The Rotary Foundation.

<13-Jun-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Signed agreement from Torrey Pines and club contribution sent to TRF.

<3-Aug-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Signed agreement, payee information, and club contribution sent to TRF by the Mombasa RC. This project should be ready for payment.

<5-Sep-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Mary Howard confirmed that this grant has been forwarded for payment.

<5-Oct-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Funds have been received in Kenya.

<9-Aug-08> by Musti Mamujee
The project is nearly completed and we will give a full and final report in the next 2-3 months. About 18 of the wells with hand pumps have been finished and we are in the process of tendering for the other 4 wells.

<23-Oct-08> by Susan Thorning
A 12 month update report was due at the end of September. Please submit a report as quickly as possible as there are other pending grants which can not be processed until a report is received on this grant.

<14-Nov-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Interim report sent to TRF and uploaded on the website.

<26-Nov-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Mary Howard confirmed that the interim report has been accepted.

<8-Jun-09> by Philippe Lamoise
Per Musti Mamujee, this project is nearly complete and the final report will be prepared in about 3-4 weeks.

<8-Oct-09> by Susan Thorning
The next report is due on this project on November 25, 2009. Please submit a report as soon as possible to avoid delay in processing other grants.

<20-Jan-10> by Philippe Lamoise
Final report sent to TRF by Musti Mamujee. Waiting for the approval of the report.

<20-Jan-10> by Philippe Lamoise
Photos of project completion added to the project page.

<6-Feb-10> by Philippe Lamoise
Project forwarded for closure.

<10-Feb-10> System Entry
Grant status changed to "Completed".

<10-Feb-10> by Susan Thorning
Current District report shows final report accepted and project status as "closed"

<11-Feb-10> by Dgsc
Confirmation of closure received from Staff at TRF