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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Winslow

Total Budget: $5,000

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Community economic development

Activity Type: Education: Scholarship

Summary: WINSLOW

Winslow is a rural community with a very high poverty rate. The scholarships that our Rotary club has been able to provide in the past have been very beneficial to the recipients. One of the scholarships has a preference for a student going into the trades.

If we are selected to receive the district grant this will help us continue to help students continue on with higher education.

Project Contact Person

District: 5495

Rotary Club of: Winslow

Primary Contact: Jessica J Cox-Atha

Email: jessicajcox@yahoo.com

Project Status

Fully Pledged
This project is "Fully Pledged". This means the amount of the pledges is equal to the total budget of the project. Now the project needs to be finalized and go through the club signature process. This process gets started on the administration page.

Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

Proposed Financing

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Winslow (5495)









DDF contributions in grey are pending approval of the corresponding district committee.

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History Log Entries


by Rebecca Wilks

Initial project review: (1) Please submit the MOU to Tom Mclarty (his email address is on the form) (2) I have added your president-elect to the signature list. please confirm that the email address is correct (3) Our records show that your club has not met the training requirement for District Grants. If this is a clerical error, please contact Tom McLarty tomm54@frontiernet.net (4) Based on giving to TRF, your club qualifies for $500 maximum award. please edit your request to show this. The application must be complete by May 31.


System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Rebecca Wilks

Final courtesy warning: Please complete the requested actions (see previous history log on your project page). Grant application deadline is May 31.


by Rebecca Wilks

The District Grant Committee is sorry you were unable to complete this application. We hope other funding can be found for this project. We look forward to seeing your application next year; please look for Grant Management Training sessions in the spring and research your club's Annual Fund giving. The District 5495 Foundation Committee is here to help.

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