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Country: USA

Location: Gillette, Wyoming

Total Budget: $3,000

Areas of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy

Activity Type: Education: General

Summary: Assist schools in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua with unirorms, clean water and repairs.

Assist the schools and students in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, by helping to provide clean water too schools needing new cisterns, water where missing entirely, or other ways of obtaining clean water. We will also provide uniforms for mainly elementary school children, collected from Catholic schools in Casper and Gillette. Although there is no mandate for students to wear uniforms to school anymore, the children will not attend if they don't have a uniform like the rest of the students. The group of Gillette Energy Rotary members will meet with the Rotary Club of San Juan Del Sur to determine and prioritize repairs and maintenance projects to be taken on, determined by the need of the school and the time that we have in Nicaragua. Work will be done on making minor repairs, painting, replacing broken windows, building or repairing latrines and playground equipment. The members of Gillette Energy Rotary will pay all their own expenses for travel, hotels and meals.

The first day in San Juan Del Sur, we will spend with members of the SJDS Rotary Club members in sorting and organizing school supplies to be taken to the teachers and students in the various schools. The remaining days, we will take the supplies and any repair materials out to the schools in person. We have great interaction with both the students and the teachers, even though most of us do not speak Spanish. Jane Mirandette,the project director, Rotary Club Secretary, owner of the Hotel Isabelle, where we will stay and director of the library in San Juan Del Sur, along with her employees with have already have completed a needs assessment to see where the greatest need is for repairs and water cisterns and hand washing stations that need work, also the names of students at each school who need part or all of a uniform. Many of the uniforms will be second hand, as we will collect uniforms from Catholic Schools in Gillette and Casper and will actually take them with us as our "second piece of luggage". The Nicaraguan Government, because of COVID 19 has determined not to fund any school with supplies and materials, so the need is dire.

Project Contact Person

District: 5440

Rotary Club of: Gillette-Energy

Primary Contact: Lyn Velle

Email: lvelle@bresnan.net

Project Status

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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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