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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Baker City, Oregon

Total Budget: $2,270

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

Activity Type: Education: Literacy

Summary: Buying books for kids and participating in literacy activities throughout our county

This is the same program we have done since we've been in district 5400. A significant portion of our population is at or below the poverty level and unfortunately lack adequate parental involvement in the kids education needs. This money is a portion of the funds used in our county to fund the Baker County Community Literacy coalition. One of our members Manages the library system in our county and he is on the board of directors of the literacy coalition. The funds will be used to provide books to kids that they will own and can take home. Each book will be marked as a gift from Baker City Rotary. Currently a total of three of our members are actively involved in this reading program and we volunteer to read with kids at the schools throughout the school year.

Project Contact Person

District: 5400

Rotary Club of: Baker City

Primary Contact: Ken Krohn

Email: ken_kro@msn.com

Project Status

This project is "Signed". This means that the signatures from the club leadership have been collected. This project is now being reviewed by the district leadership for approval. Once a decision is made, the status of the project will be changed to "Approved".

Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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History Log Entries


by Ken Krohn

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Marianne Barker

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by Ken Krohn

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by Ken Krohn

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by Anthony Bailey

System Entry: Project signed by Anthony Bailey.

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