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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Jaraguá do Sul -SC

Total Budget: $45,913

Area of Focus: Community economic development

This humanitarian and vocational project will be carried out at SCAR - Sociedade de Cultura Artística (Artistic Culture Society), a non-economic entity in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil, for four communities inhabited by 220 low- income families and in situations of social vulnerability. Each year will benefit 50 young people from 13 to 25 year of age. The problem is the high rate of unemployment among young people, idle time and rising rates of drug addiction. For this, the solution is to train individuals in technical courses, in the area of vídeo, sound and lighting, aimed at social media and use of free social media, qualifying them professionally to enter the digital work market. The responsible for the use and maintenance of the equipments will be the SCAR itself to whom the equipment will be donated.

This project will take place in the SCAR which is maintained through contribution from various companies in the city. The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the community who acts voluntarily.

The students will receive classes in the area of video, sound and lighting. For this, It will be necessary to create a studio room equipped with resources and equipment for the class of these techniques. The total value is USD 45,913.00.

This project will be sustainable because SCAR has trained teachers and the cost of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment will have the participation of the students themselves who will contribute with small monthly fees and, in this way, they will feel responsible for the equipments.

SCAR will offer full scholarships to 10 students from disadvantaged families.

The Internet and digital services market represents the media of the present and of the future, guaranteeing qualified professionals greater chances of entering the job market. Among the professions that unfold in these areas are lighting designer, director of photography, photographer, technical operator of spectacles, editor and video editor, cultural producer, camera operator, among other possibilities.

The focus area of this project is related to economic and community development.

This project will provide:

▪ Opportunities for productive work and consequently improve the standard of living in the communities;

▪ Improvement in school performance, since one of the criteria will be to attend regular education, as well as pedagogical accompaniment and counseling for those who do not perform well;

▪ Realization of activities during the day that do not have classes, generating employment and reducing the vulnerability;

▪ Improvement of the self-esteem of the participants in their family nuclei and social circuits, through a language of greater capillarity among the public served. Family members will be encouraged to participate in student development;

▪ Development of citizenship and sense of belonging in their community at micro (community) level and macro (city and country);

13 rotarians are involved: the President, 2 Secretariats to record all the steps and meetings related to this project, 2 Treasurer, 4 Rotary Foundation Commission that together with 3 Rotarians of the Projects Commission have been carrying out surveys and feasibility studies this project and monitoring and reporting after the project is in place. 1 rotarian responsible for promoting project success.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4652

Rotary Club of: Jaraguá do Sul-Vale do Itapocu

Primary Contact: Elisabeth Hitomi Okada

Email: eh_okada@yahoo.com.br

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Need $25,547
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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