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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Ethiopia

Location: Goba

Total Budget: $50,764

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Grant application for covid-19 personal protective equipment

Globally covid-19 became pandemic and it affects about 210 countries. Currently worldwide about 2.5 million people were affected and about 1.7 hundred thousand died from the disease covid-19. To tackle this problem countries take different measures. One of the measures that were taken was making ensure availability of personal protective equipment for health Institutions. Our Hospital, Goba referral Hospital is selected for the establishment of isolation center for covid-19. Goba referral Hospital is found in Bale Zone, Goba town and the Hospital has 600 clinical staffs and 230 supportive staffs as well as population coverage is around 2 million. It is 450 Km far from the capital city of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa). Bale zone the remotest zone which is bounded by somale region in the east and south east, borena zone and south region in the west and south west, West Arsi zone in the north. There is a risk that suspected cases may inter from neighboring somale region since there are international boundaries. Goba referral Hospital is currently trained almost all clinical staffs for the response of covid-19. It also established isolation center for the suspected cases of covid-19. There are clinical and prevention team organized by the institution. Clinical team works on isolation centers while prevention team works in community to raise awareness. Prevention team has gone to all districts and provided awareness creations to the community regarding covid-19. Up to now there were 20 suspected patients quarantined and their lab was sent to Addis Abeba waiting for result. However, there is no testing equipment (PCR) and there is huge shortage of personal protective equipment like surgical mask, medical mask, disposable glove, goggles, work uniform, surgical cap. Therefore, the following table shows personal protective equipment needed for our Hospital. Total price is 50,764.7 us dollar. 30 % which is 15,229.4us dollar. hospital has huge demand of this PPE .

S/N Personal protective equipment name Unit Cost/item in birr quantity Total cost

1 Surgical mask Box 25 1000 25,000

2 Medical mask (N-95) Box 150 500 75,000

3 Disposable latex glove Box 220 200 44,000

4 Surgical glove box 10 200 2000

5 Work uniform (with ventilator) Box 20 2500 50,000

6 Surgical cap Box 100 1000 10,0000

7 Eye goggle 100 1000 10,0000

8 Oxygen concentrator dual purpose number 45,000 10 450,000

9 INFRARED TERMOMETRE number 5 8000 40,000

10 Oxygen facemask with reservoir adult number 200 1000 20,0000

11 Oxygen nasal prong adult number 100 2000 20,0000

12 Boat shoe number 200 300 60,000

13 Indothracheal tube adult number 400 500 200,000

Total (in Ethiopian birr)

1,726,000 Ethiopian birr

Total (in us dollar with exchange rate one dollar = 34 Ethiopian birr)

50,764.7 us dollar

30 % of PPE project is 15,229.4

Primary Host Partner

District: 9212

Rotary Club of: Goba

Primary Contact: Kebebe Bekele

Email: kebebeb21@gmail.com

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Need $35,535
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #35535.

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