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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune

Total Budget: $31,000

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health

Aundh Kuti Rugnalaya (Public Health Care Centre) in Aundh, a suburb of Pune City, India caters to the needy and underprivileged population of Aundh and neighbouring suburbs. This Centre focusses on routine immunization of children, care of expecting mothers, normal deliveries and usual outpatient care. We propose a humanitarian project which will provide much needed improved health care facilities in this overcrowded centre.

This Aundh public health centre focuses on routine immunization programs for the very young children. The widespread interruption of routine immunization programs due to Covid-19 lockdown is putting millions of children under 1 year old at risk of contracting deadly, vaccine-preventable diseases, according to WHO, UNICEF and GAVI. The health care workers who administer vaccines also lack sufficient protective gear.

Private hospitals do provide better health care but costs more, due to ever rising costs of health care and medication, making them unaffordable for the poor. Hence, the poorly funded with deficient medical resource government public health centres, are overloaded. There is an urgent need to address the medical needs of the poor, especially during current Covid-19 times, when the poor are most vulnerable. One solution is to provide permanent improved health care infrastructure affordable at such Government facilities.

The Aundh Public Health Centre located in Aundh, Pune India, is one such centre that offers free health care treatment to the poor and needy. Limited infrastructure, medical equipment and resources cannot cope up with the ever-increasing patient load. Missing are proper waiting area with seats and fans for

comfort of patients and their care givers, safe drinking water provisions, immunization/vaccination wards, protection devices for medical staff including patient separation, additional refrigeration for vaccine storage and screened examining beds.

A team of well-trained but limited medical staff and non-medical staff offer various medical services. The current average footfall of patients is 200-250 daily and is increasing year on year and there is an urgent need for an improved facility with decent infrastructure. Free consulting health services are provided only to the needy patients in the vicinity of Aundh including normal baby deliveries, antenatal care and children vaccination services (routine immunization).


 Repair/Upgrade cost of waiting area : Rs 750,000

 Electrical Renovation & Fans : Rs 175,000

 Protective Gear for Medical Staff : Rs 200,000

 Protection Partition for Separation : Rs 200,000

 Medical examination bed with screens : Rs 150,000

 Furniture Repair and Replacement : Rs 300,000

 Refrigeration Equipment : Rs 200,000

 Medicine Cabinets & Staff Lockers : Rs 100,000

 Filtered Water storage and Dispenser : Rs 100,000

 Public image and signage : Rs 50,000

 Miscellaneous (Audit, Exchange etc) : Rs 100,000


 Total : Rs 23,25,000

(USD 31,000)

 Exchange rate @ Rs 75=$1.00


The overloaded Public Health Centre treats an average 200-250 needy patients daily of which about 65% are women and children. So extra space and waiting area and infrastructure facilities will allow for improved health care treatment plus accommodate additional patients. The well-equipped and protected medical staff will be able to provide routine immunization safely and efficiently to the children. The overall additional facilities will also enhance the sanitation and hygiene of the facility. Rotary and Pune Municipal Corporation will sign an MOU ensuring proper cleaning, maintenance, care and utilization of the facilities provided by this project. Long term sustainability will provide thousands of needy patients with suitable health care over the years.

Note: Aundh Primary Centre is located in the same suburb and area where the Rotary Pune Sports City is located.


Contributors Contribution TRF Matching

Host Clubs (Sports City/Partners) $ 4,000 $ 0

International Partner Club/s $ 5,000 $ 0

Host District 3131 (DDF) $ 5,000 $ 5,000

International District RID (DDF) $ 6,000 $ 6,000

Total $ 20,000 $ 11,000

Grand Total $ 31,000 (INR 23,25,000)


Rtn Manojeet Chowdhury, cmanojeet@yahoo.com; +91 95270 26655

Rtn Sandesh Savant, sandeshsavant@rediffmail.com; +91 98220 91102

Rtn Dr Rajesh Pawar, dr.rajeshpawar@gmail.com; +91 98901 14986

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune Sports City

Primary Contact: Sandesh R. Savant

Email: sandeshsavant@rediffmail.com

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Need $17,000
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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