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Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Okuru Village P Harcourt

Total Budget: $30,233

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy

Okuru Junior Secondary School is one of the many schools that have suffered great neglect by the State and community, and highly exposed to Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases whenever the school resumes. A block consisting of 3 classrooms and Principals office is in a state of total disrepair and no attention for years now. A big branch of the massive Mango tree in the compound fell on a section of the roof damaging it, and caused rain water to wet the wooden roof structure causing further damages. The concrete floor has chipped off leaving ordinary floor sand. THE CLASSROOMS MEANT FOR LESS THAN 30 PUPILS HAVE CAPACITY FOR A MAXIMUM OF 40 SEAT IS NOW BEING USED FOR OVER 100 PUPILS IN EACH CLASSROOMS. LOTS OF THE DESKS ARE EVEN DAMAGED, SOME CLASSES HAVE NO DESKS AGAIN, PUPILS SITS/STAND ON THE SANDY FLOOR, WINDOWS FOR CLASSES. Windows and doors are damaged allowing goats from the community to enter and mess the classrooms. Flood, sewage and faeces flow from the settlement behind the school through the small back gate across the school compound through the main gate to the swamp about 50 meters away from the front of the school. Inadequate toilet facilities, with a small septic/soakaway pit that fills up easily and rendering the toilets unusable. The teachers and students have to be going to the swampy areas to ease themselves and defecate. A serious health issue and epidemics in waiting. The Club have decided to adopt this school for upgrading, the first phase is this project "Renovation of this block out of the three blocks in the school premises. These blocks are grossly inadequate, for the number of pupils admitted, the club in the next phases will have to provide additional structures. A solid and durable tiled concrete wash-hand structure with multiple taps (20 in total) will be built at the front and back gates of the school to cater for over 600 pupils in the school. Hand wash training ethics and other Covid-19 preventive instructions will be delivered to the Teachers and Students by the Rotary club of Abuloma in at least 3 different sessions, handling small groups in each sessions within two months. This will enable the students to imbibe this culture of hand wash throughout their life time. Part of the School Interact project will be to continue this talk as often as possible, inviting resource persons. Also the club will establish a Rotary Community Corps who will also support and maintain the structures when the renovation is completed. Note that the desks design will make it impossible for the students to move them about thereby prolonging the life span. The total cost of this phase being presented is $30,233.

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District: 9141

Rotary Club of: Port Harcourt Abuloma

Primary Contact: Somoye Ajibola

Email: bolasomoye07@yahoo.com

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Need $30,233
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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