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Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Bundu Ama commumity

Total Budget: $30,879

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health


The Riverside area of Rivers State has few health care facilities and is faced with low attendance due to poor infrastructures and poor health care facilities in the terrains. The hospitals found in this area are built and targeted at the very Poor class in the society. It is noteworthy that within this community we have no other public health facility and those that live below 1$ USD/day Reside here. These are men and women with families who are basically Fisher men and struggle to make earns meet. Some are artisans who live in makeshift accommodations/shanties popularly referred to as "bachas". They also have to cater for their own children. These children grow up and eventually need some health care. The only option of an affordable health facility available to them is a public health care center by the government to take care of The community needs. The hospital treats over Two hundred and Fifty (250) children and over Five hundred (500) families monthly.

The need for beds in the hospital is very important as most sick people are turned back due to lack of beds. The few in the health facility is bad and in urgent need for replacement. The maternity ward is also in serious need for beds as most Pregnant women are made to give birth on the floor.

They need a good and healthy environment to enhance their development and growth. This project attempts to address the need of a good health care hospital with beds for patients that are on admission and for pregnant women to give birth on beds rather than the floor.


Disease Prevention and Treatment

Maternal and Child health


As the major Health care facility in Bundu Ama and considering the number of indigent families in the community , the Rotary Club of Port Harcourt Seaport carried out a survey in partnership with the community chief to ascertain the state of the hospital and how our club can assist to bring hope to the community. It was discovered that there were very few beds, dirty dilapidated structures and poor sanitary conditions. Lack of health equipment's and drugs. This prompted the Club to set up a team to conduct a needs assessment. This assessment revealed the dire need for renovation of the hospital, provision of beds and provision of drugs. A medical outreach will be carried out too by the club

We have already requested for a district grants for the renovation of the hospital and provision of medical equipments


The proposed project goal is to deliver quality health care to the families in Bundu Ama community in PORT HARCOURT LGA in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Specific Objective;


Primary Host Partner

District: 9141

Rotary Club of: Port Harcourt Seaport

Primary Contact: Oseme Okoruwa

Email: oseme72@yahoo.com

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Need $29,879
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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