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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Kochi

Total Budget: $30,067

Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health, Basic education and literacy, Community economic development

VIDYADAAN - Prisoners Children Educational and Health funding program


Helping Hand in educational, Medical and Skill development support to Prisoners' Children:

Project introduction:

This is a Community Services project of Rotary Club of Cochin City to be implemented with support and co-operation of an NGO, a voluntary association who are working closely with Jail authorities for the rehabilitation of life convicts and other prisoners. Their volunteers visit the prisons and arrange counseling, organize spiritual meetings, rehabilitation of the ex-convicts, extending of financial assistance to prisoner's family, identifying drug addicts and counseling to bring them back to normal life.

We intend to support the convict's family by providing free education and technical skills to their children, thereby enabling them employable to take care of their families. This project aims to rehabilitate the children of prisoners and ex-prisoners. Lot of prisoner's children, who are innocents, are thrown to the street for want of food, cloth and education. This will increase the number of criminals in the society. Proper attention and care to them will turn them as true citizens.

Apart from educational support, provide computers, bicycles etc., we also plan to conduct medical camp to diagnose eye & dental related issues among them and conduct general health related check up. We will then support them to access medical treatment, buy spectacles, dental treatment etc. The challenge is that all these kids are from various districts of Kerala. Hence the role of an NGO to reach out to them, is critical to the success of the scheme.

There is also a proposal to tie up with couple of technical training institutions to provide training for the children who have completed higher secondary school and unable to study further in order to secure a job.

Another proposal is to set up a placement cell (utilizing the HR resources of few Rotarian's who owns business) to identify possible employment opportunities, provide career guidance, arrange skill up gradation etc. for the targeted set of youths who fall in the category of Prisoners - family

Estimated project cost :

The club has estimated a total financial commitment of US$ 30000 to accomplish this project.

Funds & deployment :

The Rotary Club of Cochin City proposes to meet the expenses for the above scheme in 3 parts.

1.With assistance received by RC Cochin city from various organizations and individuals

2.From the assistance received from Rotary District 3201 as District Designated Fund (DDF).

3.And with assistance from Rotary foundation and or International Rotary partner clubs.

The release of funds will be in strict terms of the Rotary foundation GG/DDF stipulations.

The payments will be generally made direct to the suppliers/ providers of various services and items to the selected beneficiaries as well as the educational institutions of the beneficiaries.

Scheme Management :

The Rotary Club of Cochin City will manage the scheme. A Senior Rotarian nominated by the President, will be the Chairman of the scheme and few Rotarians, Anns and a representative of the NGO will be members of the scheme throughout the implementation period.

Selection of Beneficiaries:

The collection of applications from the potential beneficiaries after verifying the genuinely of the case and their immediate needs, is the primary responsibility of the NGO. They will prepare the list of beneficiaries for the Scheme Management Committee for their consideration and for final selection. The Committee will consider each application based on their income levels and will choose the right candidate for extending assistance on the basis of the need, urgency, priority and on the availability of funds.

End Use Management

In order to ensure proper end use of the funds to the beneficiary, the financial assistance will be paid by way of crossed cheques, to the suppliers/providers of various materials and services. The Mission's volunteers will to ensure this stipulation and collect the signed vouchers and receipts from the recipients.

Post Audit

The accounts of the scheme are subject to audit by the Committee and the NGO's volunteers have to submit periodical reports on the scheme implementation indicating how the assistance helped the selected candidates to improve their day to day life and academic career.


This brief overview of the project is meant for the initial discussions and the project shall be reviewed/adapted according to Rotary district leadership, Rotary foundation or Rotary international partner club's recommendations for streamlining the effective management of the scheme.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3201

Rotary Club of: Cochin City

Primary Contact: Sanjeev J Samuel

Email: sanjeevjsamuel@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $24,067
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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