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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pudukottai

Total Budget: $45,240

Area of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene

Reviving Vengappan Lake in Pudukottai.

Lakes are an important part of the water cycle; they are where all the water in an area collects. Water filters down through the watershed, which is all the streams and rivers that flow into a specific lake. Lakes are valuable resources for people in a variety of ways. The Earth is called "the water planet" because it has approximately 14,108 cubic kilometers of water. Of these, lakes are the best "available freshwater source on the Earth's surface." Lakes are valued as water sources and for fishing, water transport, recreation, and tourism.

Promote activities to increase people's participation in saving the lake. Make the lake area a well-patronised place - for morning walks, gardening, playing, bird watching, photography, children's nature activities, etc. Revival of a lake largely depends on the local community.

Vengappan Kulam is one of the lakes in Pudukottai Municipal Corporation limit, which has long history of main water source for about 350 residences, including popular Pudukottai Palace, where the ruler family lived for several centuries. Population of Pudukottai town is about 200,000. This lake is surrounded by about 350 residences and about 100 commercial outlets. Several decades ago the water inlets were in good condition. This lake received and stored lake full of water during raining season and became the water source for the rest of the year.

Currently the water inlets are dumped by garbage / unwanted plants, the lake silt rose, trees /plants inside lake are covering the lake, side around the lake damaged, and so storage capacity reduced. Clearing and creating way for water inlets, de-silting and deepening the lake, removing unwanted plants and relocating the trees in and around the lake, raising the sides and creating walkway around the lake will revive the lake to the maximum capacity. In addition to this, creating fence and children play area, would attract public to as family outing location.

Benefits :

Increase of ground water level

Water supply to community for flushing toilets, gardening etc.

Purified water supply to community for drinking.

Walking track

Children play area

home to aquatic life, migratory birds, butterflies, etc

Lakes are not to be seen as just water sources or for city beautification. They do a lot more. They recharge the water table, prevent flooding, and act as a habitat for a variety of birds and animals. So let us act to preserve them.

Budget :

Revival Work : Rs. 39,77,771/-

Children Play Area Toys : Rs. 1,50,000/-

Contingencies : Rs. 3,00,000/-

Monitoring : Rs. 100,000/-

Project Management : Rs. 300,000/-

Total : Rs. 48,27,771/- @ 74/- per US$ = 65,240 $

Funding :

Host Club (Term Gift) : 15,000$

Host Club (Cash) : 10,000$

International Partner (DDF) : 20,120$

World Fund Match : 20,120$

Primary Host Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Pudukkottai City

Primary Contact: Mohanraj

Email: mohanrajrotaryclub@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $35,240
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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