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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Rid 3040

Total Budget: $50,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Cardiac Ambulance

Project Name: Cardiac Ambulance cum Emergency Medical Unit


Emergencies are never planned. Specially when it comes to fatal medical conditions like fatal injuries , cardiac arrest and variety of Trauma cases.

Khandwa is a mid size city having reasonably limited medical services and mostly for serious cases the patient is required to be shifted to nearly city Indore which is about 150Km away and is two to three hours travelling time.

Many patients lose their life just because they succumb to injury or any other ailment on way as there is no such facility which can shift them safely without compromising of the emergency medical services. Hence RC Khandwa decided to plan one Global Grant Project on this. After performing the community need assessment where we interviewed doctors, administration, Police, social workers and general population it is established that if such a facility is provided by Rotary which is equipped with all necessary emergency medical devises like ventilators , patient monitors , defibrillators , oxygen and all related devices and medicines used in emergency.

Hence RC Khandwa has decided to plan one Global Grant Project. In this project one Charitable trust having undisputed credentials is identified. The name of the trust is Ashok Kumar Gupta Charitable Trust. This trust is catering to the large segment of society and is helping the needy in different area. They will maintain this facility and charge the actual cost incurred from the patient. So the population from rich to poor class will be benefitted.

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Project Cost

The Project Cost will be US $ 50,000 appox (US Dollars Fifty thousand Only)

Club contribution & host district DDF : US $ 20,000.

International Partner Contribution

We expect a contribution of US $15,000 from the Foreign Club and Foreign District.

Area of Focus: Humanitarian Project (Disease prevention and treatment)


The Project will be executed in Khandwa city in RID 3040, India.


The 1.3 million township inhabitants and inhabitants of around 100 villages

Special Feature

Self-sustainable from the first day.

Great booster to Rotary Public image aswell.

For any further information please contact :

1. Rtn. Gajendra Narang (DGE) RID 3040

Mobile No. : +91 94250 53611

E mail : rtngajendranarang@gmail.com

2. Rtn. Sushil Malhotra (DGSC) RID 3040

Mobile No. : +91 9302103143

E mail : sushil@kailtech.net

Primary Host Partner

District: 3040

Rotary Club of: Khandwa

Primary Contact: SC Sushil Malhotra

Email: sushil@kailtech.net

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $40,000
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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