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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Ecuador

Location: Manta

Total Budget: $40,250

Area of Focus: Community economic development

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Main objectives and beneficiaries

• This project has as a improvide equipments and tools of work.

• This project benefits 30 families or 150 beneficiaries with 30 Enterprising project of 3 Manabi's cantons: 20 Enterprising project of the canton Blanket, 5 Enterprising project of the canton Montecristi and 5 Enterprising project of the canton Jaramijó that business have working.

Process was followed to determine these needs

1. They were realized 4 community meetings were realized (June 10, 15-17 and 22 of july/2020), summoned by the Church of the Mormons where diverse matters treated each other, they expressed his worries and showed his preferences on the priority matters of the community.

2. You interview, managing to determine that problems of the community should approach in conformity with the opinions of his inhabitants.

3. Map of the community, demonstrating the different present perspectives in the community; demonstrating the way in which there use the resources of the community and the barriers that they find to accede to the resources.

What goals in this focus area does the project support?

• To create opportunities of employment that produces usefulness of a periodic way;

• To reduce the poverty in unfavorable communities.

Measure Method of obtaining the information Frequency Beneficiaries

Number of entrepreneurs benefited Subsidy reports Three months 30-59

Number of persons trained Subsidy reports Three months 30-59

Number of jobs created Subsidy reports Three months 100-150

Businesses up and running Subsidy reports Three months 30-59


Sign agreements with the people responsible for each entrepreneurial project 15 days

Purchase of equipment and tools 30 days

Start of training for beneficiaries 30 days

Legalization of micro projects 30 days

Inauguration of micro projects 30 days

Periodic training Over 12 months

Periodic monitoring Over 12 months


The local rotarios will have the responsibility of:

1. The Project prepares

2. They were coordinating with the collaboration of the institution

3. Memorandum of agreement of collaboration with the institution

4. Regularly follow-up and monitoring of the progress of the project

5. There were preparing the partial and final reports

6. Advertising in the press

7. The project repeats in other places of the province.

8. It will distribute the funds of the Project

The international rotarios will have the responsibility of:

1. Regularly the project monitors and to visit

2. Advertising fulfils in the press

3. To distribute the funds to the Rotatory Club of Manta

4. To monitor the expenses

Collaborate with this organization and what role it will play in the project

The church of the Mormons is an institution that is identified in supporting the persons of his community and they helped the victims of the earthquake of April 16, 2016 and natural disasters. Additional it is directed or governed by persons who subsidize and help persons with social and economic needs. For such a motive he will be our strategic partner for the enterprising project 2.0.

The members of the beneficiary community will participate in the search for solutions, as follows

The members of the community took part being present at the community meetings, managing in some cases to be interviewed they managed to express his desires of overcoming and to improve with the help of equipments or tools for the small business that have nowadays

The participation of the members of the local community in the planning of the project was as follows

1. They reached with information of his needs.

2. They are ready to sign a memorandum of agreement to promise to attend to the trainings.

3. They are ready to sign a contract of commodate for we are big enough of the assets for 1 year.

4. They compromise themselves to be present at all the trainings in benefit of his business


We will work in coordination with other related initiatives that are underway in the community

Would be employed at coordination with other related initiatives of the community, establishing alliances with organisms as governments, organizations without ends of profit or private companies it might be very beneficial for the development and sustainability of our enterprising project 2.0.

Let's describe the training and education programs that the community will cover the Project

The project contemplates 8 modules of training with topics of: Forming of the communal organization (Leadership) theoretical basic, Beginning and procedure of accounting, Marketing of Sales, Development of skills and skills of effective negotiation, Organization and sales department, Marking the difference and winning satisfied clients, enterprising Motivation in benefit of the company.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4400

Rotary Club of: Manta

Primary Contact: Amalia Calderon

Email: amalia.calderon@hotmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $38,000
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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by Amalia Calderon

El Club Rotario de Manta con 86 años de vida, el tercer Club Fundado en Ecuador Distrito 4400. En el Octubre 2017 realizo un proyecto similar de emprendimiento el mismo que concluyo en Octubre 2020. Tenemos experiencia y conocimiento en los proyectos de Desarrollo Económico de la Comunidad.

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