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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Uganda

Location: Wakiso District

Total Budget: $89,400

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Community economic development


Over the years, Uganda has been experiencing an increasing number of cancer and cancer related illnesses demonstrated in observable changes in incidence and mortality. Cancer mortality rose from 18,100 deaths in 2012 to 21,829 deaths in 2018, an increase of 3,729 deaths. However, in five years, the number of death from cervical cancer - the top cancer - doubled from 2,178 in 2012 to 4,301 in 2018. The majority of cancer patients are typical rural and poor Ugandans. Among cervical cancer patients for example, by end of 2019 the ratio was 70:30 for rural/poor vs urban affluent. In light of this fact, and given that Uganda has only one national referral treatment centre at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), a majority of patients suffer in rural communities and die in very miserable and painful conditions without accessing lifesaving and pain relieving treatment.

Moreover, reports show that the number of new cancer cases in 2018 was 32,617 yet UCI registers only up to 6,000 new cancer cases annually. This means the majority of people do not access cancer care services at all. Worse still, a joint study conducted by UCI and American Cancer Society showed that 68% of cancer patients at UCI did not have any caregiver which indicates a very high rate of abandonment. Last but not least, due to late presentation which accounts for about 80% of the cases in Uganda, the limited availability of radiotherapy services with periodic breakdown of machines, a majority of the patients go through a lot of pain and suffering. Various reports indicate that Ugandans face higher risks of premature deaths due to lack of knowledge on the best practices of prevention, early detection and access to essential, holistic and adequate treatment. The reports add that only 13% of those diagnosed with any cancer survive. This is especially so because the majority of Ugandans do not carry out routine health checks and only seek medical care when they are already ill which often affects treatment outcomes.

Registered in 2011, and named after its first client Esseza Kafuko - a two-year old with deformities born to a 13-year rape victim from Buwenge Kamuli district, Esseza Foundation Limited is a Christian based cancer-focused charitable NGO with a cancer care home located at Magere village, Kasangati, Wakiso district. The home is housed in a 12 roomed building that served as office, accommodation for patients, some staff and care givers. The majority of Esseza Foundation clients are poor and often abandoned children and mothers with cancerous deformities. Over the last 8 years, Esseza has extended care and healing to over 300 children and mothers through fundraising to offer them 100% cost free services including orthopedic surgery, plastic reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, provision of assistive devices, nutrition rehabilitation, social work and counselling services, and community-based inclusive development and outreaches. Esseza gives hope and fights unnecessary pain, stigma, suffering and deaths among its clients. In this regard, Esseza brings in public-private sectors, especially medical experts, business community, community workers, survivors and individual volunteers to complement the financing and human resource capacity in addressing cancer and related illnesses. Esseza also practices horticulture, rabbits and poultry projects, albeit on a modest scale to provide dietary supplement to the home and empower its clients and caregivers with practical skills as a means of supporting their livelihoods and for economic self-sufficiency once they return home. Besides, Esseza school sponsorship program offers learning opportunities to its clients of school going age.

This proposal seeks to intervene in two major areas: - provision of cancer care services including early detection and prevention, treatment & palliative care, counseling, aftercare/post-recovery support and capacity development training services for the caregivers at the center and communities); and provision of dietary supplement to the home and empower clients with skills for economic self-sufficiency after leaving the center.


1.To provide professional cancer care services to clients

2.To develop both in-house and community capacities to manage cancer and related conditions

3.To empower clients and caregivers with practical skills to engage in productive work and pursue economic opportunities


1.Provision of cancer care services (screen communities for early detection of cancer, provide treatment to those detected with cancer and provide post-operation services)

2.Capacity development training for home staff

3.Support to skilling of clients and care givers for economic empowerment and nutritional security

4.Provision of rainwater harvesting facilities to improve access to water and improve hygiene

Budget Estimates

No.Item description Cost

1.Provision of cancer care services US$36,000

2.Skilling of patients and caregivers US$44,800

3.Capacity development training US$ 3,200

4.Installation of water storage and rainwater harvesting systems US$ 2,700

5.Filtration system for drinking water US$ 1,000

6.Monitoring and Evaluation US$ 1,200

7.Signage US$ 250

8.Contingency US$ 500

Total US$89,400

Project Financing (local clubs & D9211 contributions)

1.Cash contribution from Rotary E club of Uganda Global US$ 5,000

2.Cash contributions other local clubs US$ 8,000

3.DDF from D9211 US$ 5,000

TOTAL US$18,000

Primary Host Partner

District: 9211

Rotary Club of: E-Club of Uganda Global

Primary Contact: Rosette Namisi

Email: rnamisi@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $67,400
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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