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Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Quimbaya

Total Budget: $35,115

Area of Focus: Community economic development

This project relates a magnificent experience we have had in our club. For two years we have been focusing our efforts in the consolidation of a project that would allow us to fight for certain sector of the population that faces an enormous scourage in our country, and in the world: WOMEN.

The most recent figures from DANE (statistics control entity) related to labor entailment indicate that women continue to be the most affected: for every man who lost his job, 1.7 women lost it; for every man who became unemployed, 1.5 women did so; and women increased their inactivity more than men 2 to 1, in addition to this, women today are responsible for the stability of households.

It has become common for Colombian households to be represented by women, the vast majority of them are single, they are in charge of supporting the home, educating and raising their children, and their own domestic obligations.

That is why, as a club, we were obliged to strive for the creation of tools that would allow this vulnerable population sector, mitigate this situation, and improve their living conditions. This is precisly how we support a group of peasant women living in 3 villages in our municipality.

With them, we started a training process in entrepreneurship, marketing and fish farming, a process that we carry out in coordination with educational institutions. 20 women from the countryside that we managed to bring together through agricultural associations. With the training process, the contribution of our club, the will of these women, today we can tell that they have managed to sell their products, among which are included coffee, fish, vegetables, soaps, sanatizers.

Thanks to this effort, we were able to consolidate their business idea and we were able to have a space within Quimbaya's market so that they could offer their products. This challenge that we started as a club, has allowed these 20 peasant women to have their own income, which has allowed them to improve their own living conditions and their families. As a club, we are very proud, but we still have a long way to go.

The strength of these women make us strong, and every day brings new challenges for us, we believe that today is the time to give them the opportunity to grow even more and make them a point of reference for thousands of women.

Today we have to continue growing together with them, that is why we want to invite you to make this challenge a reality.


20 peasant women - 100 from their family nucleus


- Training on product distribution, digital marketing and electronic commerce.

- Acquisition of machinery, equipment, raw materials and supplies to improve its production capacity.

- Adaptation of spaces provided in loan by the Municipal Mayor's Office, to open the points of sale.

- Acquisition of machinery, equipment and supplies necessary to organize the distribution and marketing chain.


Strengthening of production processes Supplies, equipment and elements to improve the production process of the association and increase capacity. $ 41.900.000

Adaptation of points of sale Adequacy of infrastructure, furniture, equipment and supplies for the points of sale $ 38.000.000

Strengthening of marketing processes Legal permitions for the opening of points of sale, virtual commerce platform and vehicle for homes $43.000.000

Total $122.900.000

Approximate exchange rate 3.500

VALUE IN USD $ 35.115

Primary Host Partner

District: 4281

Rotary Club of: Quimbaya

Primary Contact: Juan Pablo Amariles

Email: juan92_amalon@hotmail.com

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Need $33,615
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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