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Project Description

Region: Central America

Country: El Salvador

Location: Chiltiupán and Jicalapa

Total Budget: $50,000

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy

Project Description: Wash Stations, Bathrooms, and WASH Education for 5 Schools in El Salvador

This grant will provide sanitation wash stations and bathrooms and WASH (WaSH, or water, sanitation and hygiene) training and education for 5 schools within Chiltiupán and Jicalapa, municipalities in the La Libertad coastal region of El Salvador. This project is an extension of Global Grant GG1988461 which was completed successfully in 2019-2020 for 3 schools selected in El Salvador by the Palo Alto Rotary Club and Rotary Club of San Salvador. The overall objective of this project is to improve school attendance, reduce illness in the children, and advance the level of learning within the whole school community on issues related to water, sanitation, and hygiene while also providing education for the community to make the project successful and sustainable. This project will also aid the impacts and issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic which have prohibited students from returning to school. The total budget of the project is $50,000.

Schools in Chiltiupán and Jicalapa have been assessed to determined which schools will be intervened and meet the requirements for the project to be successful. Each school must meet the following requirements:

1. That it has water from any source, ie. river, city hall, etc.

2. That the school serves more than 100 students.

3. That the Director of the School be collaborative and dynamic

4. That the mayor is willing to support the project.

5. That the school community wants and supports the project.

The schools selected for the project and their estimated costs include:

1. Centro Escolar Canton La Perla - $13,000

2. Centro Escolar Caton La Pedrera - $10,000

3. Centro Escolar Hermosa Provincia - $16,000

4. Centro Escolar El Zonte - $6,000

5. Centro Escolar Santo Domingo - $5,000

The extent of the work needed to be done at each site varies and is outlined in the attached 2021 Report 'Visit To Schools of The WASH Project'. In all of these schools, problems were found in the toilets, sinks, drinking water network, gutters, kitchens and lunch areas. The water is generally not potable but can be made so with the addition of filters as a part of this project. Pipes will be repaired, and storage tanks provided. Wastewater is handled through a septic tank and, in some cases, will need to be cleaned.

Once equipment is installed and the project is completed, items will become the property of the school center and will be maintained by the School Board Director of each school, the Ministry of Education, and the Mayor's Office. Funding to maintain the equipment and program after the completion of the project will be provided through three channels. First, through contributions made from the community, raffles, events, and other activities, second, annually allocated funds from the Ministry of Education, and third, allocated funds for facility maintenance from the Mayor's Office. Training for the teachers, school leadership and community members will be provided and will include WASH training by a certified trainer, operation and maintenance management (O&M) plan, and menstrual hygiene management (MHM).

Training and education for the project would take place from October through November 2021. Construction for the project at each of the schools will begin in January 2022 with an anticipated completion within 6 months of the start of construction.

Support for this project will include The Rotary Club of Cheyenne who represents the international partner from District 5440 as well as local Rotary volunteers from District 4240 including the San Salvador Rotary Club. International Rotarians will provide support through grants and fundraising, communications with the local partner to receive information on the progress of the project and promoting the project to other clubs within and outside the district.

The role of the local Rotarians in El Salvador will be to:

1. Financially support the project through a Global Grant

2. Manage the funds and authorize purchases made with grant funds.

3. Track inventory including equipment and materials received

4. Plan and participate in promotional events for the project

5. Update the international Rotary Club on the project's progress

6. Establish alliances with organizations such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and others.

7. Select and coordinate with the competent entity that will carry out the activities necessary for training

8. Promote the project's outcome and its impact through various Rotary media

9. Promote the project results through the media

10. Visit the schools to check progress

11. Promote good water, sanitation, and hygiene practices

In addition to the need for everyday hygiene practices and new sanitary stations, the COVID-19 pandemic has had negative socioeconomic impacts in vulnerable communities of El Salvador, particularly the schools being assessed. Access to wash stations and implementing good hand washing and hygiene practices are critical in the recovery of the outbreak and to mitigate long-term impacts on the community livelihood and wellbeing. Frequent and proper hand hygiene is one of the most important measures that can be used to prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus and many other infectious diseases, and allow the communities to recover more quickly. This project will enable more frequent and regular hygiene practices by providing access to clean water, improving the facilities and daily practices of the people of the communities intervened, and elevating the standards for water services and sanitation - critical for containing the virus and lowering its immediate impact and socioeconomical aftermath.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4240

Rotary Club of: San Salvador

Primary Contact: Walter Melara

Email: wmelara@hermel-sa.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5440

Rotary Club of: Cheyenne

Primary Contact: Jera Likely

Email: jeraschlotthauer@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $17,000
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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