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   Thailand - Pranakornsiayutthaya

ICU restoration after Flood


To provide Respirator to the Phranakhonsri Ayutthaya hospital

Phranakhonsri Ayutthaya Hospital is a large hospital center with professional doctors all medical branches to treat patients in the community and direct transfer from small hospitals in Phranakhonsri Ayutthaya province and neighboring provinces. Unfortunately, On October 7, 2011 The Great Flood happens to the area of Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital. It is increasing of water level very fast and very intense, causing the hospital has to urgently move the hard patients to another hospital. Due to this hospital is located closed to river; finally the water level is 2 m. over the ground level. A lot of medical equipments in the first floor building are flooded, particularly in the Respiratory intensive Care Unit (RCU) whose take care hard patients with respiratory failure has been flooded and causing respirators damaged about 50%. Normally, these respirators are not enough for servicing many of the hard patients. As to the world record has been ranked the rate of illness in respiratory is increasing in the top five of the world; it has a negative effect on life quality and creates severe lost in social and economy. For Phranakhonsri Ayutthaya Hospital in Thailand, respiratory effected illness is one of the major health problems, in 2011, there were 493 cases per thousand populations. In addition, there are several chronic diseases which effect to the respiratory system and require giving oxygen also; there are several patients who need respirators. In the critical situations, caring by giving oxygen and respirator in time can reduce brain damage and save patientís life.

Primary Host Partner in the Project Country

Club: Prasrisuriyothai-Ayutthaya

District: 3350

Primary Contact: PP.Boonsom Watcharakorn


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Primary International Partner Outside the Project Country

Club: Rotary Club of Ala Moana

District: 5000

Primary Contact: Richard Courson


Check all projects from: [District 5000] [Rotary Club of Ala Moana Rotary Club] [Richard Courson]

Proposed Financing

Primary Host Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Prasrisuriyothai-Ayutthaya


District 3350 DDF


Primary International Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Rotary Club of Ala Moana


District 5000 DDF


Additional Rotary Clubs/Districts

Rotary Club of Bernam Valley


Amount requested from the Rotary Foundation




Status and Progress Information


This project is completed. Project listed for the 2012-13 Rotary Year.

The Matching Grant application number from TRF is #78023.

The TRF Staff in charge of this grant is Callie Czerkie (

RC.of Prasrisuriyothai-Ayutthaya has been form 13 years.This club is all 31 active women and do not has internatinal sister club yet.

<4-Aug-12> System Entry
Creation of project page.

<19-Aug-12> System Entry
Pledge of $3,500 with $3,500 DDF by Richard Courson of the Rotary Club of Rotary Club of Ala Moana, District 5000.

<25-Aug-12> System Entry
Pledge of $500 by +60123085950 of the Rotary Club of Bernam Valley, District 3300.

<25-Aug-12> by Krishna Kumar
Rotary Club of Bernam Valley, Malaysia has pledged USD 500.00

<2-Nov-12> by Boonsom Watcharakorn
Right now RC.Prasrisuriyothai Ayutthaya just received Matching Grant Agreement Form,Matching Grant #78023
We are working in the next step completely in order to
sent all documents back to The Rotary Foundation.

<4-Jan-13> by Boonsom Watcharakorn
We are waiting response email from Krishna Kumar
Rotary Club of Bernam Valley District 3300, Malaysia. for documentation signature on the rotary form and pledge USD 500.00 but no response from Rotary Club of Bernam Valley.

<3-Apr-13> System Entry
Grant paperwork sent to The Rotary Foundation.

<6-Apr-13> System Entry
TRF Grant Number assigned: 78,023.

<6-Apr-13> System Entry
Grant approved by The Rotary Foundation.

<6-Apr-13> System Entry
Grant status changed to "Completed".

<6-Apr-13> by Boonsom Watcharakorn
Project has been deliveried and the Handover Ceremony is on 19th March 2013
Thank you for all participated RC.