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   India - Gurgaon

Van/Ambulance - Asylum


Deep Ashram (Orphanage) is an asylum which houses more than 75 children aged between 5-18 years who are not just orphaned but also physically and mentally challenged. This is situated on Sheetla Mata Mandir Road, Gurgoan, Haryana, India. This Ashram is run purely on charities and donations. Our club has been associated with it for almost a decade and carry out projects every year based on their needs e.g. providing dry ration, providing wheel chairs, etc.

They are in a dire need of a vehicle preferably a Van which can be used as an ambulance. These children are required to be taken to hospital very often and every time they hire a taxi which is not recommended for a; carrying such children due to physical deformity also they are mentally imbalanced and b; cost factor. A proper van equipped with necessary medical aid is required.

They have come up with one more Ashram known as “Anand Ashram” on Sohna Road, Gurgaon,Haryana,India which will house more than 200 such children. Henceforth, they would require two nos. of such vehicle.

Primary Host Partner in the Project Country

Club: Gurgaon Qutab Enclave

District: 3010

Primary Contact: Rtn.Charu Panigrahi


Check all projects from: [District 3010] [Gurgaon Qutab Enclave Rotary Club] [Rtn.Charu Panigrahi]

Primary International Partner Outside the Project Country

Club: Mesquite Sunrise

District: 5300

Primary Contact: Ann Casey


Check all projects from: [District 5300] [Mesquite Sunrise Rotary Club] [Ann Casey]

Proposed Financing

Primary Host Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Gurgaon Qutab Enclave


District 3010 DDF


Primary International Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Mesquite Sunrise


District 5300 DDF


Additional Rotary Clubs/Districts

Rotary Club of Pomona


Rotary Club of Las Vegas


Additional Sponsor Club


Amount requested from the Rotary Foundation




Status and Progress Information


This project has been dropped. This is probably due to the loss of contact with the Coordinating Club. Project listed for the 2010-11 Rotary Year.

The Matching Grant application number from TRF is #69918.

The TRF Staff in charge of this grant is Agne Jankauskaite (

Host country primary contact updated to Charu Panigrahi


<6-Nov-08> System Entry
Creation of project page.

<21-Nov-08> by Seema Bangia
Recalculated the workings!

<6-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $250 by Joe Woodward of the Rotary Club of Mesquite Sunrise, District 5300.

<6-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $250 DDF by Robert Novell of the Rotary Club of Arcadia, District 5300.

<6-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $250 DDF by Robert Novell of the Rotary Club of Arcadia, District 5300.

<14-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $250 by Randy Aveline of the Rotary Club of Mesquite, District 5300.

<14-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $250 DDF by Robert Novell of the Rotary Club of Arcadia, District 5300.

<21-Jan-09> System Entry
Pledge of $300 with $288 DDF by Rufus v. Rhoades of the Rotary Club of Pasadena, District 5300.

<12-Feb-09> System Entry
Grant paperwork sent to The Rotary Foundation.

<14-Mar-09> by Seema Bangia
Project to be resubmitted to RI on July 1, 09.

<4-May-09> System Entry
TRF Grant Number assigned: 69,918.

<2-Aug-09> by Smita108@hotmail.Com
The project is ongoing. It has been (re)submitted to TRF (India) and a decision regarding approval is pending at thsi time.

<29-Aug-09> by Clive Houston-Brown
Project pledges and totals adjusted to reflect change in exchange rate and ensure International Partners contribution of at least 30%.

<26-Sep-09> by Clive Houston-Brown
TRF announced MG funding was depleted and this project was not funded. Project status changed (9/26/2009) to show no TRF funding so other clubs can pledge to make up for TRF funds.

<13-Dec-09> by Clive Houston-Brown
Primary International partner for the project has been updated to Smita Mehta of the Mesquite Sunrise club. additional dollars are being sought to move this project forward without Matching Grant dollars.

<8-Feb-10> by Charudutta
Thank you all for the support.I would get the signatures and the ratifications from our District 3010 as soon as possible and more importantly would start working on the Project to be implemented at the earliest.Thanks for all your patience and perseverance.

<3-Oct-10> by Clive Houston-Brown
The Host and International Clubs are gathering signatures and proformas in order to submit the project to TRF.

<10-Mar-11> System Entry
Pledge of $34 by Cassandra Graham of the Rotary Club of Irvington, District 7470.

<10-Mar-11> by Philippe Lamoise
Project dropped from the website because DSG funds were used to finance it.