How Does this Website Work?

This website is meant to facilitate communication between Rotarians with a service project looking for some funding, and Rotarians with funding looking for an international project. The parties can be from anywhere in the world. The website displays a personalized page for each project, with the contact and budget information, and possibly pictures and other material. This is a great way to show the great work Rotary is doing through projects all over the world. Here is the step by step process.


A Rotarian somewhere in the world publishes a service project on the website. He/she fills in the description of the project and gives his/her contact information. The Rotarian can make reference to the specific project web page while he/she tries to find a club partner to fund the project. To find out how to publish a project, go to the Submit Project section of this website.


A Rotarian somewhere else in the world looks at the website and finds a project he/she would like to support. He/she pledges support to the project by filling the relevant form on this website. The project page is automatically updated and an email is sent to the project originator to announce that the project is now fully funded. To find out how to signup for a project, go to the Pledge Support section of this website.


The parties get together by email to fill the necessary paperwork to be sent to the Rotary International Foundation in Evanston. While the project is being worked on, the web page can be used to display the project information, including pictures. To find out how to submit the project paperwork to the Rotary Foundation, go to the Paperwork section of this website.


Once completed, the web page is a great testimony of the good work achieved by all parties through the Rotary Foundation. Don't forget to upload pictures and other material to have a better display of your project.