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   India - Ludhiana

X-Ray Center


The purpose of the project is to provide modern diagnosis of ailments through X-Ray to the poor who cannot afford it. The project will start a Rotary X-Ray center at the Rama Charitable Hospital to cater to such community. There are presently some X-Ray centers in Ludhiana, but only a few of them are catering to the needs of the poor community and the other centers which are privately managed are charging exorbitant rates. We plan to charge nominal rates and thus the objective to provide diagnosis to the poor at low cost will be achieved.

Primary Host Partner in the Project Country

Club: Ludhiana Central

District: 3070

Primary Contact: Harish Singla


Check all projects from: [District 3070] [Ludhiana Central Rotary Club] [Harish Singla]

Primary International Partner Outside the Project Country

Club: Torrey Pines (La Jolla)

District: 5340

Primary Contact: Philippe Lamoise


Check all projects from: [District 5340] [Torrey Pines (La Jolla) Rotary Club] [Philippe Lamoise]

Proposed Financing

Primary Host Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Ludhiana Central


Primary International Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Torrey Pines (La Jolla)


Amount requested from the Rotary Foundation




Status and Progress Information


This project is completed. Project listed for the 2005-06 Rotary Year.

The Matching Grant application number from TRF is #57495.

The TRF Staff in charge of this grant is Stephanie Hansen (

<8-Sep-05> by Philippe Lamoise
Paperwork sent to TRF. Stephanie Hansen acknowledged receipt.

<22-Nov-05> by Philippe Lamoise
Per email from Stephanie Hansen, this grant is under decision and we will hear a response within 2 weeks.

<18-Dec-05> by Philippe Lamoise
Decision still not received. Reminder email sent to Stephanie Hansen.

<22-Dec-05> System Entry
Grant approved by The Rotary Foundation.

<1-Feb-06> by Philippe Lamoise
Signed agreement from Torrey Pines Rotary sent to TRF.

<31-Mar-06> by Philippe Lamoise
Grant funds received. The machine is being ordered.

<5-Jun-06> by Philippe Lamoise
The machine has arrived and is getting installed. The centre will be inaugurated by the last week of June.

<29-Jul-06> by Philippe Lamoise
The center has now been formally inaugurated by DG Romesh Rana.