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   India - Ludhiana



Grant budget will be used to purchase books for Library, sewing machines and computers for vocational training in a school on the suburbs of Ludhiana where the children of beggars, rickshaw pullers and daily wage labourer study. The school has been adopted by Rotary Club Ludhiana Central for their basic needs. The poor community will benefit from the project.

Primary Host Partner in the Project Country

Club: Ludhiana Central

District: 3070

Primary Contact: Harish Singla


Check all projects from: [District 3070] [Ludhiana Central Rotary Club] [Harish Singla]

Primary International Partner Outside the Project Country

Club: Torrey Pines (La Jolla)

District: 5340

Primary Contact: Philippe Lamoise


Check all projects from: [District 5340] [Torrey Pines (La Jolla) Rotary Club] [Philippe Lamoise]

Proposed Financing

Primary Host Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Ludhiana Central


District 3070 DDF


Primary International Sponsor Rotary Club/District

Rotary Club of Torrey Pines (La Jolla)


District 5340 DDF


Amount requested from the Rotary Foundation




Status and Progress Information


This project is completed. Project listed for the 2007-08 Rotary Year.

The Matching Grant application number from TRF is #64697.

The TRF Staff in charge of this grant is Sam Rienstra (

<21-Aug-07> System Entry
Creation of project page.

<30-Sep-07> System Entry
Pledge of $2,167 with $1,000 DDF by Philippe Lamoise of the Rotary Club of Torrey Pines (La Jolla), District 5340.

<11-Oct-07> by Brennan Pate
App ready to be sent to TRF after receiving D5340 DRFC signature.

<15-Oct-07> System Entry
Grant paperwork sent to The Rotary Foundation.

<17-Oct-07> by Philippe Lamoise
The application bounced back because of a missing FC-3 form for project #60595. This should be resolved very soon and the application must be resubmitted then.

<18-Oct-07> System Entry
Grant paperwork sent to The Rotary Foundation.

<16-Nov-07> by Brennan Pate
Julia Clark requested the following:
Itemized Budget: provide proforma invoices or quotations for all budget items.
Ownership and Maintenance: more information about the Vocational Center that will own the equipment, confirm that the any fees charged to students will be nominal and will not prohibit poor students from accessing the training, and that no fees will be collected by any Rotarians.
Project Planning: confirm that the computers purchased will come with software.
FCRA account regulations: to comply with the laws of the Government of India the sponsors of this grant need to choose a payment option:
Option 1: primary Rotary club or district registers their project account under FCRA.
Option 2: grant payment is made to the international partner outside of India.

<21-Dec-07> by Philippe Lamoise
Responses provided by Harish Singla. Julia Clark is forwarding the application for approval.

<23-Jan-08> by Brennan Pate
Julia Clark from TRF wrote that due to regulations of the Government of India, all Indian Rotary clubs and districts be registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Therefore, TRF can only guarantee payment of grants to Rotary clubs and districts which have FCRA registration as the waiver to clubs and districts has not been renewed. All other payments will experience significant delays and may not be funded as well.

<23-Jan-08> System Entry
Grant approved by The Rotary Foundation.

<30-Jan-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Signed agreement form from Torrey Pines Rotary sent to TRF.

<3-Mar-08> by Harish
The contribution and the Matching Grant Papers have already been sent to TRF

<2-Apr-08> by Philippe Lamoise
$2,167 contribution from Torrey Pines sent to TRF.

<29-Apr-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Julia Clark confirms that this project has been forwarded for payment.

<13-May-08> by Harish
GrantFunds received today

<18-Jun-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Since the equipment was already provided to the school from another source, Harish Singla is requesting to change the project to purchase some physical therapy equipment for a charitable hospital.

<20-Jun-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Sam Rienstra from TRF wrote back that they would like this project to keep the same beneficiary (the school).

<17-Jul-08> by Philippe Lamoise
New list of equipment sent to Sam Rienstra by Harish Singla.

<18-Jul-08> by Philippe Lamoise
Sam Rienstra confirmed that the new list of equipment is approved.

<22-Dec-08> by Susan Thorning
Final Report Accepted December 19 as reflected on district activity report.

<22-Dec-08> System Entry
Grant status changed to "Completed".

<1-Jan-09> by Philippe Lamoise
Closure letter received from TRF and uploaded on the website.